Monday 19 March 2018

You've Been Gone Too Long

As soon as I hear the distinctive intro to this lovely bit of soul I can almost taste the 2 stroke as I'm transported back to the mid to late 80s and more than a few seedy pub "function suites" in Lanarkshire and beyond as this was popular with the Scooterists.

I can't really better what was written in Kev Roberts entry regarding this track in the indispensable Northern Soul Top 500:-

"This delicious 70's play from Blackpool Mecca was yet another of Ian Levine's masterstrokes. Smack in the middle of the customary 'stomper' set comes this easy groover which did sell locally around Tennesee,

Originally released on Impel Ann Sexton's classic was later picked up by Seventy7 records. A relative of Chuck Jackson, Ann went on to become a cult figure in the Southern States, performing at many Soul and Blues concerts"

Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone Too Long