Friday 30 March 2018

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Here's a belter of an Easter egg for you. courtesy of Invernesian,  James MacDonald who is obsessed by all things egg like and is better known as Ege Bam Yasi. It is also fortunate that James also has a love of the 303 and is responsible for his own sub genre of dance music, MacAcid which fits right in with the theme for the past few weeks on a Friday .  Today's track from 1994 was released on SOMA Quality Recordings and contains a sample from a scene in a film that has been simulated the world over.

Tomorrow Leo ventures to our national stadium, Hampden, I have not been there since Airdrie's one nil defeat to Celtic in the 1995 Scottish Cup final. Tomorrow's game will be somewhat different but still an important one for the Diamonds as a win would see them safe in the first division with no prospect of finishing in the 9th place play off position. Queen's Park however need to get something from the game if they want to get out of the automatic relegation position. With only one win in the past for Airdrie I expect that it will be a pretty fraught affair.

Have a good weekend people.

Ege Bam Yasi - Acid Nation


Swiss Adam said...


Brian said...

First off, stellar use of Meg Ryan. Second, I just did a little reading up on Airdrie because I couldn’t believe the squad could have played Celtic in front of 36,000 for the Scottish Cup. I stand corrected. Enjoy Hampden tomorrow. Hope you’re in the sun.

drew said...

Two Scottish finals in 3 years Brian, against both Ugly Sisters and a place n Europe fierce the 92 final. The Golden Years, Bri, alas we will never see their likes again.

Brian said...

Glad I took the time. Learned a lot today.