Friday 30 November 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today's track comes from one of the,  if not the longest running UK dance music label. The label that has released tunes by Aphex Twin, Brian Eno,  Grizzly Bear and loads of other innovative artists. The Sheffield label has certainly never played it safe. The label was founded by a couple of friends Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell who sadly died in 2001, who worked for Fon Records in the city.

Aftermath is the work of George Evelyn, who as Nightmares on Wax was responsible for the second single on Warp and also has the privilege of being the artist who has been on the label roster the longest. The track posted is the remix of the single and was re-worked by label mates LFO who were also responsible for one of the seminal records on the label the eponymous LFO.

I do love a bit of Bleep.

I'm off to see the Raveonettes at Oran Mor tonight which will be nice.

Have a good weekend people.

 Nightmares On Wax - Aftermath (LFO mix)

Wednesday 28 November 2012

These Blues

While you are reading this I will be in my favourite place in the world, Luton  on the second day of a two day meeting. I just love these meetings and the agenda is packed full of fun things like Reflecting On The Year That Was and Looking Ahead. I am particularly looking forward to the session on Insights into my personality where some over-paid consultant will tell me that I am a miserable misanthrope who's ideal role would be the dictator of a small country, all on the basis of fifty odd questions that I answered ages ago. Apparently my conscious wheel position is Reforming Director (Classic).

No?  Me neither.

Here is the original version of These Blues from Spacemen 3 which turned up on the DJ Tones 12" single which was released on lovely clear vinyl in 2008.

Spacemen 3 - These Blues

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Too Little Too Late

It's over. I have decided that I will no longer attend any concerts by the waste of space that is Mark E Smith,  last Wednesday's gig put paid to that.

I used to look forward to going to see The Fall, every now and again there would be a poor performance but more often than not it would be worth the wait. On the run up to last week's gig all I could think of was, it can't be as bad as the last two fiascoes. Stiff was the same.

And no it wasn't as bad as the last two but it wasn't good either. Smith was front of stage for maybe fifteen minutes of the forty five/fifty minutes the band were on stage, the rest of the time we got incoherent ramblings from a fud sitting behind an amp at the rear of the stage.

The final fifteen minutes were brilliant, a great version of Container Drivers and one of the best renditions of Blindness that I have ever heard but the rest of it although not awful it certainly was not great. During Blindness I thought to myself, well Smith you pulled it out of the bag there.  But on reflection, walking back to the car (not a great distance) both Stiff and myself agreed that it really wasn't good enough and certainly not worth the ticket price. This may be due to the fact that last month we saw The Wedding Present and although Sea Monsters isn't my favourite album and I really don't like this,  playing an album all the way through at a gig thing, the band were nothing short of brilliant,  100% effort  through the whole ninety minutes.

There are people that will say, if Smith wants to sit behind an amp all night, he can, he is MES. Yes he can and I'm sure he will continue to do so but I won't be paying his fucking wages to do so. I work hard for my money, I have the work ethic that Smith talks about but obviously doesn't know the meaning of. He will still produce the goods on this tour at other venues but frankly,  now I don't really care. I  believe that his best work is certainly behind him, you only have to listen to the few lyrics there are to the songs on the last couple of albums, which is quite sad as the band he has at the moment are very good with the possible exception of the keyboard player.

Anyway,  here is a great track played by JD Twitch who was djing on Wednesday night and played an absolutely blinding set of dub and rockabilly. I think that this was the reason that I wasn't more angry going home.

Just don't ask me about the support act, there is something really quite disturbing about a middle aged Mancunian acting the hard man and a young lady in a leotard singing dreadful lyrics over mediocre backing tapes.


Monday 26 November 2012

Another Belter

For those of you who don't know about Tammi Terrell's all too short and rather tragic life the details are easy enough to find on the net.

It is usual to see Tammi Terrell's name in conjunction with that of Marvin Gaye but she did release an album and three singles for Motown as a solo artist. Prior to joining Berry's hit factory she had been signed to Wand from the age of fifteen and released four or five singles under her real name of Tammy Montgomery.

The track posted is from her album Irresistable Tammi Terrell released on Motown in 1968.

She was also rather lovely looking.

Tammi Terrell - Tears At The End Of A Love Affair

Saturday 24 November 2012

The Joy Of The Chance Find

One of the wonders of the soul scene and northern/rare soul in particular is that it doesn't matter how long you've been listening, collecting and going to dos every so often something comes along that you have never heard before,  that is probably older than you are, hits you right between the eyes and knocks you over with its utter brilliance.

This has happened to me a couple of times recently. One was a posting on somebody's blog which I clicked on and immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention and I got that lovely shiver down the back of my neck.

The second was far more serendipitous.

A few weeks ago while foraging through the 7" soul listings on Ebay, looking for that elusive copy of Sam Williams,  Love Slipped Through My Fingers or an Ella Washington promo that I don't have my attention was piqued by a listing by somebody I had never heard of before. It was the label that grabbed my attention; not because it was one of those labels that are highly coveted and you know mean quality four to the floor soul, no  it was a label I had never heard of,  Falew! There was something in the simplicity of the label that caught my eye just a  yellow label with brown lettering and a simple log.  The title of the track, Teardrop Avenue sort of rang some bells until I realised that I was thinking of Heartbreak Avenue by the Maisonettes. The artist Bette Boothe was not somebody I had heard of either but something about this particular piece of vinyl made me curious

So I decided to root about the internet, well go to YouTube  and see if  anybody had uploaded the track so I could hear what it sounded like. As sure as shit,  there it was not once but five separate uploads. So I clicked play not knowing what to expect.

I certainly didn't expect that intro of simple strummed guitar then the drums followed by that powerful vocal building, why am I even trying to describe this there is no way that my words can do this track justice,just listen to it.

I'm sure if somebody had taken a picture of me as I was listening to this you would see a photie of someone totally at peace with the world  and content, something that only the best music can do, well music and certain prescription medications. I played the track maybe ten times over before remembering that it was on eBay and I needed to bid on it. I  knew no matter the price, within reason,  that that record was going to be mine. Thankfully my resolve wasn't put to too much of a test.

I cannot explain what it is about this mid tempo song that has me so hooked that I haven't stopped playing it since it came into my possession. Some people when they listen to this and I urge you to click on the link at least once, what have you got to lose? will think, so what,  a pleasant enough but pedestrian piece of mid sixties girl group fodder. But that to me is the magic of music. One man's 2 mins 49 secs of bliss is another's "meh". Although,  I would argue to the death that that statement does not apply to anything on the x-factor in the end I realise that  I would be wrong and it's all down to personal taste. In a way I'm glad that not more people love this sort of thing over stuff from talent shows for if they did this single would have cost me a hell of a lot more.

Download and enjoy!

Bette Boothe - Teardrop Avenue

Friday 23 November 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Last week we had some acid house from the UK so I thought that this week we could have something from the US for the purposes of balance.

Here is a track that I'm nnot sure that I ever heard out but did play a lot in the house. It comes from one of the myriad of House compilations that came out in 1988/89, this was was titled Jackmaster Phuture Trax and had tracks by the likes of Joe Smooth and Tyree. The track posted by Hocus Pokus is the pick of the bunch for me, mental stuff.

Have a good weekend people

Hokus Pokus - Different World

Thursday 22 November 2012

Please Stay

Here is a song that I think is ripe for covering  by somebody who could give it some balls. I'm not sure who it should be that covers it but in my head there is a much better version than any that I have actually heard.

Please Stay was written by Burt Bacharach and was originally recorded by The Drifters and has been covered by the likes of Lulu,  Marc Almond and Dionne Warwick. But is probably best known this side of the Atlantic as a 1966 hit for The Crying Shames, their only hit incidently which features here. But I'm not sure that even that version does this song justice, well not in my head anyway. Peter Kember did a very wishy washy version in 1992 under his Spectrum guise.

Any suggestions as to who you think could give this song a belter of a remake would be welcomed.

The Cryin' Shames - Please Stay

Wednesday 21 November 2012


I think a little bit of dub techno is the order of the day. Something that will hopefully dissipate the mid week gloom.

I love all nine of the Basic Channel releases but I think that the fifth, Inversion accredited to Cyrus has to be the best. You really need to sit and listen to this through headphones or really loud, you get totally sucked into the track.

Cyrus - Inversion

I'm off to see The Fall at the last chance saloon tonight, well for me anyway. Any of Smith's pish and that is it. There may be a few choice tweets later on. All does not auger well when you get an email informing you that doors will open an hour later than advertised!

Tuesday 20 November 2012

They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

Well actually they do.

 I bought this single earlier this year. I decided to take a punt on it as it was on the same label as Nick Waterhouse and produced by him. It has a distinct mid/late 60s Bay Area, Nuggets type feel to it. Their debut album was released over here last week. Haven't had a chance to play it yet but am definitely looking forward to giving it an airing maybe on the road down to Nottingham on Thursday.

Allah - Las - Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)

Monday 19 November 2012

Monday Soul

I am in a bit of a quandary as I type this as I have two tracks which I want to post today one which is quite upbeat but I don't know if it is too upbeat for the week I have ahead which I think is going to be another fair to hellish one. On the other hand the other track I have in my head is a bit depressing and may just make my mood even darker.

Right, I've decided. My Life by Joe Jama is quite an in demand tune and if you're lucky enough to have an original copy and wish to sell it you will find yourself a couple of grand to the good. The singer from San Antonio, Texas cut this track when he was only twenty. It was the b-side to Sleep Late My Lady Friend which I've never heard as my single is a single sided pressing but if it's as good as My Life then it must be brilliant but I suspect is not that good hence the single sided pressing.

Joe Jama - My Life

Sunday 18 November 2012

Rather Delicate

Could you possible do things a bit quieter today. I seem to havedrunk a little too much last night and therefore am unable to function normally this morning.

Jesus, it really is a struggle to even think!

Here's something rather lovely.

Scout Niblett - Kiss

Friday 16 November 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Here's one of my favourite tracks from the heady days of Acid House. I think that this period was one of my favourite times both in clubbing and in music. Everything was new and fresh , there wasn't any cynicism around the scene,  well not up here in Glasgow at any rate. The Es were good and the scene was constantly evolving so you never knew what to expect from one weekend to the next. What you could be guaranteed of was a top night and hearing sounds that you had never heard before.

Peter Ford was one of the founding figures of the Acid House scene and with Oochy Koochy released a track every bit as good as those coming out of Chicago and being produced by the likes of Marshall Jefferson and Ron Trent. The track was released in 1988 and actually entered the lower reaches of the UK charts. Due to the bassline being EQ'd wrongly on the first pressing resulting in the speakers being blown the first time the track was dropped at Heaven. the tune was remixed and subsequent pressings came with the warning and a watch your ears logo! on the sleeve.

Have a good weekend people.

Baby Ford - Oochy Koochy

Thursday 15 November 2012

Come Back

After last week's realisation that it was thirty years since The Story Of The Blues was released got me reaching for another Pete Wylie classic.

Listening to Come Back transported me back to the summer of 1985, more specifically the last week in July and the first week of August, when I was on holiday with my family at one of my favourite places, Polperro in Cornwall.

The record was actually released the year previous but it was part of a compilation tape which I flogged to death on my red Sony Walkman all through the summer of 85.  Other tracks on this tape that I remember vividly were Good Technology by the Red Guitars, Upside Down and Forest Fire. It was also the soundtrack to my ultimately fruitless two week campaign to woo a girl. In the end I didn't need a dictionary to tell me the meaning of unrequited, I got the message loud and clear.

Now when I try to picture the femme fatale in question, the only thing I can remember is her red hair, can't remember her name but do recall that she was from Colchester. She was there with her parents and two of her friends. My brother,  our friend G and I naturally got in tow with them but no matter what I did I couldn't get this girl to notice me and about half way through the week she ended up getting off with somebody else and I spent the rest of the holiday in a foul mood and the Friday before we went home got off with her friend at the disco just to spite her. She of course was not in the slightest bit bothered by this.

Anyway,  the following year I was more successful,  a story which was recounted here .

So here in all its overblown glory is probably my favourite Pete Wylie song.

The Mighty Wah! - Come Back (The Story Of The Reds/The Devil In Miss Jones)

Tuesday 13 November 2012

It's That Time Of The Year

When I start to spend a lot of time in the M section of my album and cd collections. more specifically the works of John Martyn, there is some thing about that drawl and guitar sound that makes we feel warm inside when the wind is howling and the rain is battering the windows.

Here is a re-recording from the album Classics where John decided to record new versions of classic tracks with varying degrees of success. I love the original of Ways To Cry, and this version is not to bad either. Not even the presence of Phil Collins on backing vocals, for it is that Charlie Brown lookalike you can hear, can ruin it for me. The album also has contributions from Andy Sheppard, David Gilmour and Levon Helm on it.

John Martyn - Ways To Cry

Monday 12 November 2012

Surely A Contender For Best Record Title Ever?

Not only does this song by Ted Taylor have a great title it is also a rather good piece of Southern Soul. Released on Ronn records, a label that I have been actively seeking out singles on since I purchased  The Northern Soul Of Jewel-Paula-Ronn a year or so back which can be purchased here.

The label is one of three which was run out of Shreveport, Louisiana by Stan Lewis a man who owned retail stores and decided to diversify into releasing some brilliant soul music, as you naturally would do. Buy the cd and read the full story, it's worth a read.

Ted Taylor started singing in the group the Cadets in the 1950s. He left the group and embarked on a solo career in the late 50. During the 60s he recorded for Okeh and Ronn. He died in a car crash in Louisiana in 1987 aged 53.

Ted Taylor - (I'm Just A Crumb) In Your Breadbox Of Love

Sunday 11 November 2012

Saturday 10 November 2012

Shopping With The Wife, Great!

Here is a nice mellow track to soundtrack your Saturday afternoon activities.

Have to admit to feeling like I'm at a bit of loose end this afternoon,  as up until Wednesday night I was looking forward to the prospect of going to Airdrie to see the Diamonds getting gubbed at home for the first time in what felt like ages. But while watching the Wedding Present in the Liquid Rooms In Edinburgh on Wednesday night Stiff informed me that the football was on Friday night!

Attending last night's match meant a mad dash up the road from Manchester where I was Thursday and yesterday, quick dinner with L and the boys and then  the three of us were off to pick Stiff up and get to the park by 19:45 which we made with seven minutes to spare. This is also the reason why there was no more flogging a dead series yesterday either.

The result, you ask? We got gubbed three one. It was a strange game sitting behind us was a Falkirk fan, who just came through to watch football on a Friday night, three Man City fans who were up to watch Airdrie, then off to watch Altringham today and then Man City tomorrow! Behind them was a group of Germans but we have no idea why they were there or what they made of it. Not a lot if they were anything like the rest of us.

Despite having visitors boosting the crowd a little, I'm still not sure about this Friday night football lark. On our way out of the stadium I heard one older gentleman exclaim, "Well that's the weekend fucked then! All I've got to look forward to is shopping with the wife the morn. great!"

Me, I will be making a start on all the jobs L has for me to do.

Have a good weekend people

Sodastream - Out

Thursday 8 November 2012

Thirty Years Ago This Week!

It is hard to believe that this was released that long ago, as to these ears it still sounds as gloriously epic as it did the first time I heard it. It has not diminished one little bit. Here is the 12" version with parts 1 & 2 together.

WAH - The Story Of The Blues (Parts 1 & 2)

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Midweek Already!

It's only midweek and I feel washed out and I've got two busy days ahead in Manchester.

I think we should easy ourselves into Wednesday "with a track from the Neville Brothers songbook". Lifted from the soundtrack to The Big Easy.

Sublime stuff

The Neville Brothers - Tell It Like It Is

Monday 5 November 2012

America, You Decide.

I've been thinking about this for a while and thought that I might as well share it.

Who the fuck am I, or anybody else who does not live in the USA to tell people there how to vote? What gives us the right to decide who should or shouldn't be the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years? I am no fan of the Republican Party, what I know about them but then again I'm not over sold on Obama either. From what I can see, he hasn't made good on many of the promises he made, Guantanamo Bay for a start. He did try to give some sort of universal health care to all citizens which I think is a good thing but a lot of Americans liken to Communism? I think they are mad but again it's their decision, I don't have to live there.

I spent a good portion of my youth protesting about having American nuclear missiles on these shores. Or marching against American involvement in Central America or the Middle East. I think that I had a right to do so which you may think is odd after the statement I have made above. But I never ever said that I was consistent.

But my point is this,  I got mightily pissed off at Secretary Of State Clinton when she tried to tell us what we in Scotland should have done with Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, irrespective of whether the decision made by Kenny MacAskill was the correct one,  I think that it was the proper thing to do but for another nation to intervene in that decision and then try to summon our First Minister over there to explain himself, well,  it just got me pure raging and entrenched my view.

So, if I were an American voter who was undecided or maybe just not that arsed about voting,  being told that the rest of the world apart from China were backing Obama, it may just urge me to get up of my arse go and vote and vote in a way that gives a big fuck you to the rest of the world, which let's face it most Republicans think is populated by liberal ass wipes anyway (sweeping generalisation I know).

So tomorrow it will be up to the people of America to vote for who they want to govern them and maybe we should lay off trying to tell them what's right as it might just be having the opposite effect from the one we want to see.

A word of warning, if you do vote for the wrong guy and things go tits up you will get really sick hearing "I told you so" for the next four years

His Latest Flame - America Blue

Good Gosh I Lose Control

This was the record that was going to be the cure for Mr H's bad bout of Crossitis and if any symptoms are stubbornly lingering, this should definitely see them banished.

This has been cruelly forgotten about and languishing in the back of my soul box up until about a month ago when I put it on and immediately berated myself for not playing this for so long.

The Sweet Delights were a group comprising of four girls and one guy from Philadelphia who recorded Baby Be Mine in 1968 which was released on the ATCO label and to my knowledge never recorded anything else. But what a legacy, an absolute cracker which at the moment is my favourite piece of soul ever. I know it's not quite that good but I just can't stop playing it.

The Sweet Delights - Baby Be Mine.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Don't Give Up What You Dream

Last Saturday night's Roddy Frame gig in Paisley Abbey was just about perfect, the surroundings were beautiful, the acoustics were crisp and clear and when Frame sang you could hear a pin drop. My only minor grumble was it was a bit staid, usually during Killermont Street, Down The Dip and other old faves there is a lot of singing along which just didn't happen, A minor gripe I know but as I said just about perfect.

Highlights of the night? If I were honest, every single track was magic but for me hearing Spanish Horses live again after what seems like a lifetime rates pretty highly. Oh and Roddy's cover of a Jessie Rae song made famous by Odessey was also pretty fucking amazing.


And if proof were needed to support my stance that Roddy Frame is one of the best guitarists ever. Exhibit 1

Saturday 3 November 2012

Dr Soul To The Rescue

Mr H found himself rather ill this morning as a result of having Run Like The Wind in his head for the second day in a row. I thought that he might be able to hang on until Monday until some treatment would be dispensed but after a further review of the case notes I have decided that in order to make sure that the symptoms don't return in the morning an emergency script should be issued.

Take PRN (as required) as we say in the business but most certainly last thing at night to aid sleep and a better outlook in the morning.

This medication is also good for x-factoritis.

Warning - may induce involuntary movement in limbs

Al Kent - You've Got To Pay The Price

Friday 2 November 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I've never been a fan of Boy George, always thought he was a bit of a twat and his band were shite into the bargain. But I have to give him credit for founding the More Protein label with Jeremy Healy because if he hadn't today's track would never have been released.

Seemingly the label was started due to the fact that no record company would touch "Everything Starts with an E", so the two 'characters' decided that the only way that their collaboration with MC Kinky would be heard was if they put it out themselves.

The tune was awarded the obligatory ban from poptastic Radio1 which helped propel it to the dizzy heights of number 69 in the UK charts and after a week bombed straight back out. It was, however re-released less than a year later and on that occasion it entered the top ten.

In an interview MC Kinky stated that she hadn't ever tried Ecstacy at the time the single was recorded but failed to say if she had subsequently necked any.

The Beeb must have banned the track on the title alone because I'm not sure it is possible to understand a word of Kinky's toasting unless under the influence and we all know that everyone at Radio 1 was far too clean to do anything illegal.

When I think about it, Jeremy Healy also always struck me as a bit of a fud.

Have a good weekend people.

E-Zee Possee - Everything Starts With An E (Sir Frederick Leighton mix)