Monday 31 August 2020

Only Just, Monday's Long Song

I was quite taken by the Boulevard Series of 12" eps released by Ludovic Navarre a.k.a. St Germain when they were released in 1995, those long, jazzy deep house tunes were just the thing at the time but by the time the album Tourist was released in 2000, I had moved on and although I had not forgotten about St Germain he wasn't on my radar and I guess it was maybe a year or so later that I was introduced to the brilliant Rose Rouge by my pal Colin. In 2007 a snide white label was released with two more strung out, longer re-edits of the track were released which are extremely hypnotic and the Marlene Shaw sample from the original bores its way into your brain and stays there for days and will be thrust to the front of your mind at strange times, well if you're anything like me that is. I have plumped for the b-side bit the flip is nearly as good.

A further more dancefloor, trumpet laden edit was released in 2017 which is also worth seeking out and may be featured here in sometime in the future if I don't forget.

St Germain - Rose 2 Red (side b|)

Thursday 27 August 2020

Domestic Strife

The first time I heard Mardy Bum I immediately thought of an earlier song about less than domestic bliss. To me it felt like it was the updating of a perennial situation in this thing called life.

It's really weird but when I listen to the Madness track I am back in my mother's red Chevette travelling from Lanark to Chapelhall to school each day as we had not yet changed schools and would travel the 32 mile round trip for another year.

I am sure that most of us over the past few months have been in the position of the protagonists in both of these songs.

Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum

Madness - My Girl

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Bow Down To The Dollar

JJ Jackson was born in the Bronx, New York in 1942 and started off as a songwriter and arranger for other soul and jazz artists before starting a solo career in 1965. He is best known for But It's Alright released in 1966 which was actually recorded in England where Jackson would make his permanent home in 1969. His fourth album and the first under the name J.J. Jackson's Dilema  included the single Bow Down To The Dollar which was written by Lawrence Weiss.

J.J. Jackson's Dilema - Bow Down To The Dollar

Monday 24 August 2020

Monday's Long Song

As I said last week I have been finding a lot of new music recently via Bandcamp and it has not been the psych which has been my focus for quite a while now, neither has it been coming from the Nordics. The music that grabbed my attention recently has been House and of the very deep variety at present there seems to be an awful lot of it coming out of France like today's track. I'm not sure if Parisien Julien Jabre will be down this morning as I have no idea if he follows football or if he does,  supports PSG but this track does nothing but fill me with joy. It sounds to me as if it is full of optimism, something in short supply at present. The tune reminds me of side two of OAR003 by Oni Ayhun and also of Jamie xx absolute goosebump inducing Gosh both of which never fail to make me feel better. There are three mixes of Samana, my favourite is the lead track on the ep the Levant mix.

Not sure of how a deep house track fits with with a Monday morning but I can think of a lot worse ways to start the week.

Friday 21 August 2020

Dancing In Space

I have been going down the rabbit hole that is Bandcamp quite a lot recently, starting on an artist page that has been flagged to me and then scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "if you like such and such you may also like:" links taking me to place such as Romania,  France and in today's case the Netherlands and in particular Amsterdam. On the side bar it states "Night Moves is a home for music that needs to be different. We focus on up-and-coming artists and producers and give them a platform to receive exposure and support them in their endeavours" 

As you are probably aware I am not overly fond of  the digital release only format and only buy it if as in the case of the monthly Woodleigh Research Facility releases they are essential. I would include the Dancing In Space ep in this category. Four pieces of excellent Space themed deep house, one a remix by Weatherall acolytes the Hardway Brothers. The pick of the bunch for me is Guiding Light (On The Horizon mix) with it's orchestral flourishes, delay and epic feel, it is absolutely lovely.

The only problem with this release is that it leaves me longing for a something that I can play on my stereo in the dining room and eventually file when I eventually take notice of Lynn's hints.

Thursday 20 August 2020

Trippin On Sunshine.

I can't get enough of this tune but alas I was too late to the party. Produced in a ridiculously small run. I don't suppose anybody has a spare £135.12 they could lend me?

Thought not.