Monday, 23 November 2020

Monday's Long Song


This was supposed to be posted on the 25th October on Keeping It Peel Day but to my shame I forgot all about it. Feel So Sad was first released as a track on Jason Pierce's side of the final Spaceman 3 album Recurring but came into it's own when it was rerecorded and release as the second Spiritualized single and especially on the extremely extended extremely chilled Rhapsodies version on the a-side of the 12" single which I have posted on here more than once. This version as you may have suspected due to when I was going to post it was one of the tracks in the first of the two sessions that Spiritualized recorded for the John Peel Show which was recorded 21/01/95 and was broadcast on 14/03/92 This version is a bit more upbeat that the 12" single version and is just the thing for a Monday morning.

As I am in a good mood I have also included the outtake version from the Peel Session which was available on the Friendly Fire cd which could be purchased from Will Carruthers in 2006  This was not included as it was exactly the same as the Peel session version when I listened to them both together

Spiritualized - Feel So Sad (Peel Session) 

Thursday, 19 November 2020

The Strength (Within)


A few weeks ago I featured the new collaboration from Charles Webster and Burial, The Spell. This sent me back to revisit some of Webster's past work and since then the All System's Gone album under his Presence guise has taken up squatters rights. The album includes contributions from Matthew Herbert and vocalists Shara Nelson, Sara Jay and Steve Edwards. When it came out the album received good reviews, an 11/10 from Dj Magazine and was dubbed "probably the first classic record of the 21st Century" by Allmusic, a lost classic I think as I have never heard that many people rave about it sadly. I did read somewhere that this album was one of the influences when Burial was making his debut album. The Strength Within, is one of my favourite tracks on the album, but not really typical of it =, my only issue is that it is too short.

Presence - The Strength (Within) 

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Black Rabbit

 I do like a good cover version and this is a belter, a dub version of a psychedelic masterpiece. Prince Fatty's interpretation of Jefferson Airplane's arguably most famous song came out a month or so ago and if you 're quick you may be able to bag a copy of the 7" single here. For me a great cover version is one which doesn't sound forced or contrived and Black Rabbit with a sublime vocal from Shniece McMenamin, if you didn't know better would think has always been a Dub Reggae track. Has Prince Fatty invented a new sub genre Psychedelic Dub? This has got me wondering what other late 60s counte culture sounds would sound great dubbed up. I think that some of the tracks I have featured in the Monday slot from this era would be ripe for this kind of treatment.

Prince Tubby & Shniece - Black Rabbit 

Monday, 16 November 2020

Monday's Long Song

 An apt song for the start of the week from the Danish proggers Papir, released on the ever excellent El Paraiso records. Not really much more to add this morning.

Papir - Monday 

Friday, 13 November 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance (In A Socially Distant Manner)

 Here's a belter of a Garage track from twenty six years ago, although it does not sound that old to me. I Miss You is the first track on Joey Musaphia first volume of his Cover Up series. The vocal sample is nicked from I Miss You by Juliet Roberts.

In football news, Leo and I watched one of the finest Airdrie performances for quite some time on Saturday when the Diamonds gubbed Clyde five nothing, from the comfort of the living room. It was quite infuriating really as I missed the first three, distracted by other things and of course as like being at the game Diamonds TV does not do action replays and so I had to wait until the highlights were available to see them. The team were on fire on Saturday, however it was back to default in the cup against Edinburgh City on Wednesday night going down one nil to the visitors. Tomorrow they take on Livingston away in the same cup and I'm hoping that they can get something out of it.

Have a good weekend and stay safe people.

Joey Musaphia - I Miss You 

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

What Difference Does It Make

 No, not that one.

 This song is from a different era entirely. I don't know anything about Kenny Shepard apart from the fact that he recorded this lovely Van McCoy penned song  which was released on the New York label,  Maxx  Records in 1964. This is the kind of slow tempo end of the night track in the same vein as Ray Pollard's Drifter or Bobby Paris' I Walked Away. Pure class 

Kenny Shepard - What Difference Does It Make

Monday, 9 November 2020

Monday's Long Song

I wonder what this week has install for us all. It will take a lot to be more momentous than last week which turned out all right in the end except for the fact that I got a phone call late on Friday from my voice and it looks like I am going to have quite a hectic run up to Christmas and beyond! 

Here is an absolutely lovely, lengthy piece of Tech House from the Cologne duo the Pachanga Boys. If you are lucky enough to own the 12" Girlcatcher ep from 2011, take good care of it as the cheapest copy on Discogs is £655.95. Not quite sure it is worth that kind of money but this is a pretty good way to ease your way into a Monday morning.

Pachanga Boys - Time (Extended Mix)

Friday, 6 November 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance (In A Socially Distant Manner)


I was unaware of the existence of Dua Lipa prior to the middle of this year, my finger is certainly not on the pulse these days. What changed my ignorance was being sent a copy of his remix of Don't Start Now by Fear-E, Scot Mackay to his maw, he is a House dj and producer from Glasgow responsible for one of my favourite releases of the year. I did a wee bit of research on Dua Lipa and found out that prior to venturing into music she was a model (of course she was) and it turns out she has been quite successful at the singing thing, her 2018 song One Kiss becoming the longest running number one single for a female artist, which is quite impressive until you here it, it's horrible. Be The One which I actually quite like but will leave it there. It's not really music for me after all. I do however really like Fear E's remix of Don't Start Now.

Football is back folks but not as we know it. Instead of sitting in my seat I an now on my third streamed game watched on Leo's big telly in his cowp of a bedroom. It's not easy seeing your seat empty, it is quite frustrating as is watching Airdrie at the moment. Last week's  2-0 defeat to Dumbarton was a game in point, there wasn't really two goals of a difference in the teams but the visitors took their chances and were fortunate with the deflection that resulted in the second goal, the Diamonds were not able to do anything in the final third of the park sadly. Let us hope that tomorrow's game, also at home against Clyde will be better, we shall see but it doesn't look like that optimistic bet at the start of the season to win the league was at all realistic.

Have a good weekend and stay safe people.

Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Fear E's Dancing With Someone Remix)

Wednesday, 4 November 2020


 Got up this morning and it has become apparent that there are a hell of a lot of really fucking thick people in the world. I have no further words

Here is a recent Orb remix of Polish experimental musicians Sarmacja. You can buy the record for a very reasonable £10 here

Sarmacja - Olimpijczyk (The Orb's Oak Island Remix)

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Little Nicky Soul


A lot of the tracks that become well known on the Northern Soul scene come from artists who little if anything is know of. It is a testament to the obsession of the collectors on the scene that they can't just leave it like that. A case in point is todays track, I Wanted To Tell You by Little Nicky Soul which I first heard as part of the For Millionaires Only Vol 4 and then on a repro 7". On the sleevenotes of the cd it states that the record comes out of the Bronx in NYC, possibly never received a full release and is described as "obscure and then some".

I decided to dig a little deeper and see if any further details could be found. there is a great thread on the Soul Source website, which can be found here, where more details about the record come to light, including the owners of the label, the arranger and even a post from a step-daughter of Nicholas Faircloth, for that turns out to be singer's name, where she tell of her father's stories of when he was in the music business which his kids all believed to be just that, stories. However, the now departed "Little Nicky Soul" brief sojourn into the music business has left us with one cracker of a single. It is just sad that he never knew how much his record is appreciated on the rare soul scene with a copy commanding at least a grand and a half.

Little Nicky Soul - I Wanted To Tell You 

Monday, 2 November 2020

Monday's Long Song

 I really don't have much to say at the moment, my head is all over the place and am finding it incredible difficult to focus on anything. I think that a lot of it has to do with the shit show that is going on but I'm not going to get into that on a Monday morning. The start of the week is hard enough as it is. 

I don't know anything about Fjordfunk, I bought this limited edition as it was on the same label as The Long Champs and I am so glad that I did. All I need to say is, you could imagine this being dropped by Weatherall in an ALFOS set and the cd includes a remix by Weatherall's partner in that particular venture Sean Johnston. It is still available for download from the usual outlets, Juno, Boomkat etc and therefore the download function is not available but the two tracks are worth a couple of quid of anybody's money.

FjordFunk - It's All Black 

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Side 1 Track 1


Taking a bit of a different turn today with this as it isn't the first track by a particular artist/band from their first album but I could not allow the passing of Jose Padilla to go unnoticed on this blog.

To say that the Cafe del Mar album was a seminal point in modern club culture would be a bit of an understatement as this album not only launched a series of excellent compilations with that title but it also spawned at least a thousand pale imitations all of which seemed to contain either At The River by Groove Armada or Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground. It is easy to smirk and be disdainful about it now but back in 1994 there was nothing like the Cafe del Mar compilation and for me then and still to this day an album that is reached for in the early hours although in recent years not post clubbing but more likely during occasional bouts of insomnia. As you can see from the battered state of my cover above it has been pulled from the shelves pretty often. Everybody these days has released an after hours all back to mine post club chill out selection it seems and most of them owe their track listings back to Jose, they may not contain actual tracks that he had played but they will all contain tracks that prior to the Cafe Del Mar series people would have baulked at seeing on the same sleeve, some current dance act next to some jazz funk guitarist or 60s blue eyed soul singer.  

We all know the legend of Jose Padilla and the Cafe del Mar, the only place to be in Ibiza when the sun was setting into the ocean to an impeccable soundtrack purposefully picked by the DJ originally from Barcelona who turned up on the white isle and never left. 

That first compilation is a belter from the off with a Padilla composed track which sets the tone for the 11 tunes that follows, slow bpms, a laid back groove and that late night/early morning vibe of decompressing from the events just past. The album ebbs and flows like the waves of a good stone. From the  incredible beatless mix of Smokebelch II, through the very strange (on first listen) Music For A Found Harmonium, the gorgeousness of Estelle to the final Sunset At The Cafe del Mar you will not find a better curated "chill out" album , as my friend from Oban who loves this series would say. 

I only purchased the first two volumes of the Cafe del Mar series, as now that Jose had supplied the blue print, I would compile my own "early hours" sessions with my decks and mixer and my own impeccable taste, the "Maestro", never included Small Hours, Memories of Green or Finale from Once Upon A Time In America on his albums after all. 

Rest Easy Jose and thank you for all the great tunes and introducing the greatness of John Martyn to the raving generation. 

Jose Padilla - Agua

Jose Padilla 

04/12/1955 - 18/10/2020

Emily Capell

 I had never even heard of Emily Cappell until a few weeks ago when on Twitter somebody posted possibly the worst cover version this side of Michael Bolton's travesty of a cover of the Otis Redding posthumous classic (Sittin' On) The Dock of The Bay. It was Miley Cyrus attempting Heart of Glass and somebody posted the Youtube clip below to show how a Blondie cover should be done. Which had me searching the internet for more music by this obviously extremely talented young woman. It turns out that she has been making music for 10 years, I really am getting later to the party as I get older and has released one album, Combat Frock, with a title like that it must be good, right? Yes it is very good with witty, sharp lyrics, the music a mixture of poppy punk, ska and some good old fashioned Rock n Roll. Lots to like. With influences from Dolly Parton to Joe Strummer that can be found on this cd that is also a lot of fun. The final track Ode To Uncle Moz is so on the nose. 

Worth checking out.