Tuesday 13 March 2018

Going All The Way

If someone asked for an example that epitomises the garage/psych sounds of the mid 60s a great record to choose would be Going All The Way by the Squires. So it is very puzzling that I have never posted it before. The Squires who hailed from Bristol Connecticut were originally called the Rogues but when they signed a one-off deal with Atlantic Records to release this single in 1966 they were pressurised to change their name. The jangly guitars on this track are toughened up considerably by the pounding back beat from the rhythm section. The song also reminds me of another of my favourite tunes in the genre, Five Years Ahead Of My Time by the Third Bardo. Unfortunately the single like so many other great records of this time did not do anything nationally which led to the organ and bass players leaving and the band disintegrated when the singer was drafted to Vietnam.

The Squires - Going All The Way 


C said...

Absolutely agree with you! 'Going All The Way' is one of my favourite songs ever - a perfect example as you say and I agree with you about 'Five Years Ahead Of My Time' too. Pebbles had some true classics. Nice one Drew.

Anonymous said...

That is rather wonderful.

Swiss Adam said...

Ah yes, this is a good one.

Brian said...

No way you can go wrong with this one.

JC said...

Never heard this before, but it's rather superb.

Thank you.