Friday 12 May 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

One thing that became apparent last weekend with my fellow bloggers is that if they have a favourite posting on my site it isn't the Friday dance music, with the exception of Dirk who , being brutally honest said that he wasn't interested in the tunes but did check out each Friday's post to see what the picture was.

Me being the stubborn, pig headed person that I am have decided to ignore this feedback and continue to flog the dead horse for as long as I find dance tunes to post, In fact recently it has been harder to find the pictures to accompany the series than it is to pluck out  a "good" bit of house or techno.

Four years ago. Just let that sink in SA, jesus four years ago! Daniel Avery released one of the most cohesive dance records that I have, I realise that that length of time is not really that long in normal music but in dance music it is absolutely ages but Drone Logic sounds as good now as it did the first time I played it. I noticed the other day that the vinyl is getting a well deserved re-release this month. So with that in mind I thought that I would post one of the tracks from the series of remix 10" and 12" singles that accompanied the album and were gathered up and released on cd  as New Energy (Collected Remixes) which is well worth seeking out, unless you are Dirk, Stevie, Brian or JC to whom it will be of no interest at all.

Drone Logic, the title track from the album was an immense track in it's original form with a huge wobbly bassline, spoken vocals which kept building to become one of those tracks that you never want to end which brings to mind Underworld but is not at all derivative  Berlin based producer Rodhad turns it into a more brooding but no less epic piece of minimal techno.

Back to the play-offs. You will probably know if you are interested in the slightest that Airdrie beat Alloa one nil at the Excelsior on Wednesday night in what has to be the team's best performance this season. If they had played like that all season most probably we would still be in the position that we are in now but still. Unfortunately Andy Ryan's days at the club are numbered, I can't see someone who has netted 28 goals even in the first division fail to be on the radar of the scouts of at least a few better positioned clubs, c'est la vie.

We now have to take on Alloa away tomorrow, where Leo, me and the W brothers will be in attendance. If the Diamonds are able to get a victory there or even a draw we will go into the play-off finals where we could meet JC's mob, Raith Rovers who drew one each with Brechin also on Wednesday but had two goals disallowed.

Have a good weekend people.

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic (Rodhad remix)


Luca said...

For what it's worth, this is my favourite series on this site. Keep on, please.

Swiss Adam said...

Drew- ignore the indie schmindies, keep Fridays dancey.
Daniel Avery's records are among the best released in recent years. Drone Logic is superb and keeps giving.
Enjoy Alloa.

Echorich said...

Drew - NEVER STOP! Keep going Deep - bring up the Tech and Acid! Friday NIght is for DANCING! Drone Logic does a good job of representing all of that!

Charity Chic said...

Keep going with those picture Drew

Brian said...

Alloa goin' down! Flog that dead horse. As Echorich said, Friday is for dancing.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop Fridays. Best Friday series going.

Dirk said...

Today's picture is not Brel - like, this blog continues to decline!