Friday 14 April 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Slam are celebrating 25 years of making music at the moment which has me a little puzzled as the first record they released was in 1991 and I remember this distinctly not because it was a great record, it is but that it preceded the second release on SOMA Quality Recordings, Fallen by Dove which I know came out in October 1991 and which I purchased immediately from Dub II in Glasgow and I know that I n bought the label's first release fro that shop previously.

Anyway,  25/26 years of producing nothing ever less than excellent music should be celebrated and celebrated in style. I know that there is a SOMA boxset out which I am tempted by although it is rather pricey but it has the likes of Jeff Mills, Daft Punk and Funk D'Void on it so well worth the money. They also have nights in SWG3, the Subby and  the Riverside Festival in Glasgow to look forward to in the next month and a bit which I think I will give a miss, the idea appeals to me but I think my serious clubbing days are over, sadly.

As I said previously Slam and Soma were significant by their absence on Stuart Murdoch's documentary about the music scene in Glasgow for 6Music and I could be wrong but I don't think they were mentioned let alone featured in the whole 6Music Festival in Glasgow last month, Which is a glaring error as they have been a huge influence on the worldwide dance scene over the past 25 years and possibly without them we would never have heard the likes of Get Lucky or Around The World, if SOMA hadn't released the duo's first two 12" singles.

So today The Kitchen Table salutes, Stuart, Orde and Dave, Glen & Jim for bringing us so much "Quality" music over the past 26 years and also some great nights, from Strathclyde park, The Subby, The Arches and other places. It's only fitting to feature that first 12" single.

In other news, with four games to go Airdrie are sitting third in the league only one point ahead of Brechin City in fourth. The run-in is quite a tough one, tomorrow they go down to Stranraer who they have beaten twice this season and lost to once. The Diamonds really need to win all four games to reach the play-offs, since Christmas they haven't one two games on the bounce so it looks like being an almost impossible feat but we will see.

Have a good weekend people.

Slam - Eterna


Unknown said...

Excellent record

Dirk said...

May I suggest that in three weeks we all go the venue where Drew always shoots the photos for this series? Oh, please!!!

drew said...

I'm afraid a group of middle aged men like us will not be allowed near the trendier establishments in the town. But I can assure you we will nonetheless have a good weekend.

Swiss Adam said...

Here's hoping Aidrie make the play offs- in time for the weekend away.

Have you read This Is Memorial Device? 80s post punk scene (fictional) set in Airdrie. Literally, right up your street.

drew said...

I am reading it SA but I'm finding it hard going just can't really get into it but a lot of familiar places mentioned from my youth.

That weekend, is the last game of the season official and it is shaping up that that game will be the decider for whether we get in the play-offs or not, so a must go game.