Tuesday 11 April 2017


There is a big difference between today's Garage track and most others featured in this spot, no and it's not the year, as 1-2-5 although recorded in 1965 was as you've probably guessed released the following year on the Quality label. No what makes this group quite unique probably not in the Garage Rock world but in the little bit of it I know of is that the band are actually from north of the border, Canada, Montreal to be specific. The song on the insistence of the record company was cleaned up as they believed that some of the lyrics were a bit choice and on release the record charted in the Canadian charts which brought it to the attention of record execs in the USA where the record was picked up and issued on the Amy label in it's original form, this is also the version that can be found on volume 1 of the Pebbles compilations. The band went on to record a further 7 singles, including a French version of Purple Haze (Vapeur Mauve) before they broke up in 1971.

The Haunted - 1-2-5 

The Haunted - 1-2-5 (original version)


The Swede said...

A classic, but I didn't know about the second version until now.

Brian said...

Yep, the version that's played over here is the original. I don't believe I have heard another song by them, but what a song to be remembered for!

Anonymous said...


Thanx so much for Canadian content! ALWAYS desirable here. Yes they were formed in Montreal & fairly well remembered here "north of the border."


Ciao! For now.