Friday 1 May 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I went to my first hustings since 2001 last night. it was quite enlightening. In Lanark there are five parties standing and all turned up apart from the UKIP guy which was no great loss. The Liberal Democrat was unintentionally funny and didn't really have a clue, the Tory was well, a typical Tory, The SNP lady struck me as being very young, slightly inexperienced but showed promise not least in not being intimidated by another member of the panel. Our incumbent Labour MP unfortunately came over very aggressive and arrogant but I suppose that's what comes with being untested in 27 years and having a 13 000 majority at the last election. I suspect Mr Hood will not find it as easy this time around and the realisation of this may account for his quite hostile attitude towards the SNP candidate.

Anyway, enough of this pish I hear you shout just give us the dance music.

While rooting around the dance music for something to compliment last week's Fatboy Slim remix I found something by Stretch and Vern that I have no recollection of buying but must have bought it for playing when I used to dj in a local pub back in mid 90s.  I was not allowed to play northern soul, 80s indie and progressive house all night, hardly at all really. The owner and I had "musical differences" on more than one occasion, I can think of no other reason for having purchased it. On listening to it again the original it's not that bad with it's Earth Wind and Fire sample and I can imagine the punters at the time in the Woodpecker enjoying it. The Fatboy Slim mix is the one to headto for me.  It is a bit Big Beat by numbers, the sort of thing Norman Cook was rattling out on what seemed to be a  near weekly basis back then but still worth a listen.

Tomorrow is the last home game of the season and as is the tradition with the Wilson brothers it means that a night out in Airdrie is warranted. We have quite a bit to celebrate this year as at the turn of the year it looked like we were relegation bound but we have pulled off another "great escape" finishing 5th,  with a play off place for the Championship just out of reach and we also finish above Dunfermline irrespective of the result tomorrow which has pleased me but it would be good to finish off with a win against the Pars.

Have a good weekend people.

Stretch & Vern - I'm Alive (Fat Boy Comes Alive)

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Charity Chic said...

Jimmy Hood - one of the last Labour dinosaurs.Soon to be extinct
A night out in Airdrie?
You are taking your life in your hands there Drew!Enjoy