Thursday 28 May 2015

I Am Mark E Smith

I am really enjoying the new Fall album both the vinyl versions of the tracks and the cd ones. The ratio of good to pish is much better than it has been for some time and there is less of the unintelligible growls and yelps than of late too which is good. Having said that the version of Face Book Troll on the vinyl is probably one of the worst things I have heard in many a year.  I still have no idea what the fuck Smith is going on about most of the time which strangely I have never really bothered about anyway, I am not one of those fans that hang upon his every utterance. One line which is all too clear and which makes me smile is "i'm a big fat man pushing a little pram"

I have two gripes though. Firstly and I shouldn't really be surprised the album art and packaging is shite which brings me to the second one, having to buy both the vinyl and the cd as there are different mixes/versions on both formats. The vinyl is a tad expensive at twenty two quid, granted it is a double album but not in a gatefold sleeve and no download so I am going to have to spend time ripping the vinyl to mp3, not the most unpleasant job in the world but effort that should not be needed when paying over twenty pounds on the vinyl.

Anyway,  here is the Fat White Family  one of whom, at least worryingly thinks that he is MES. Check out their album it is very good and a little unsettling not least the artwork.

Fat White Family - I Am Mark E Smith


The Swede said...

I'm not totally convinced by The Fat White Family yet, despite Lamacq playing them at every given opportunity, this is the one song of theirs I really like a great deal though.
I'm no technophobe, but I have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to ripping a record to mp3. It's something I really should make a start on at some point. Any tips?

Dirk said...

Basically, Swede, all you need is Audacity and a few cables to connect your stereo with your computer, all of the rest is trial and error when it comes to finding the correct volume and the correct sound settings in the computer etc. There are some very helpful instructions on the internet which even worked for a technical/computer idiot like me.

george said...

I wholeheartedely agree with your yelps and growls comment. I've just been listening to The Remainderer and Re_mitt, and they can get a bit annoying.I found myself quite liking Re-Mitt, more so than The Remainderer. New album also not bad at all, but nothing stand-out. Never heard of Fat White Family. By the way, MESmith looks a bit worse for wear in that photo!

Scott said...

Have to admit I have struggled with the last couple of albums, but what I've heard so far of the new album sounds like a return to form of sorts. Still not convinced enough to go see him live again right enough.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm Mark E Smith

Mark E Smith said...

No you are not!