Tuesday 19 May 2015

That's The Way To Get Along

I can find out very little about Marie Adams other than she appears to have worked with Johnny Otis after releasing a couple of singles on Peacock Records out of Houston Texas in the early 50s. She moved to LA where she continued to record through the 60s and is thought to have died in 1972. This is a blinder of an R&B track.

Marie Adams and The Tommy Dodson All Stars - That's The Way To Get Along


george said...

I love the music on this. The new Fall album, well, it didn't immediately grab me, unlike, say, The Unuterrable, or Imperial Wax Solvent. A couple of the tracks reminded me of HexInduction-era Fall. I haven'r listened to your tracks from yesterday yet

drew said...

In comparison to the previous album, Re-Mit it is a classic

MarcD said...

Nice one!

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