Tuesday 26 May 2015

A Little Sensitivity

A little bit of early 90s South London Gospel anyone?

This was dug out from one of the cupboards on Sunday. Before she retired my mother was a head teacher and at her last school one of her parents was a plugger for Virgin and London records and every so often he would donate a load of white labels and promo tapes when they were having a fund raising jumble sale or the like and I would pick through what was on offer if I was helping out mostly it was chart fodder but I did pick up some promos by the likes of Photek and Orbital but mostly it was just chart fodder. I did however pick up a white label by someone called Lavine Hudson. I had never heard of her before but decided to take it home. The lady has an amazing voice, however the a-side is marred by a horrible early 90s production, the stripped down gospel mix on the flip however does justice to Hudson's voice. Not sure what happened to her as she doesn't appear to have produced anything since 1991. From the entry for her on Discogs she appears to have recorded a version of Abraham Martin and John which I would like to hear.

Lavine Hudson - A Little Sensitivity (Gospel mix)

and here is the less good mix

Lavine Hudson - A Little Sensitivity (12" mix)

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