Thursday 30 April 2015

Wide Awake

Does anyone remember The Twang? I'm sure they were tipped to be the next big thing by the NME long after that magazine ceased to be relevant but I digress. I bought the first few singles, went to see them at the QM in Glasgow which kind of put me off them, L on the other hand loved them. Up until last week I had forgotten all about them. It appears that they are still going and released their forth album last year. Here is the first single which I still really quite like.

The Twang - Wide Awake


Walter said...

No this band is new to me, Drew. Seem like I missed the hype but this song is very good

Charity Chic said...

Not a name that rings any bells at this end either Drew

Gordob said...

Their first album is actually a great one from start to finish. Their follow up took a bit too long to make and never matched the first. Been to a few of their concerts, the most recent last year at the ABC2 but really only the songs of the first album are worth hearing. Cloudy Room the best for me.