Friday 15 May 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today's track is not really indicative of the type of thing that I was listening back in 1992 as it is neither progressive nor especially housey. I bought the featured track after hearing it one night in a chemically enhanced state after coming back from clubbing. As you do, I came in, raided the fridge, bunged on the telly and heard this song playing on what I think would have been The Hit Man and Her, not my usual viewing either I hasten to add. The next day and for most of the following week the tune refused to dislodge itself from my brain and so when in town on the Saturday I rifled the shelves of Fopp and 23rd Precinct for something called Nothing Last's For Ever or something similar. I certainly wasn't going to ask anyone if they had that tune that was on that programme with Pete Waterman in it, was I. I eventually got a hold of it in HMV.

I'm not quite sure what it is about the song that I like, could it be the sugary, some may say sickly sweet vocals, pretty vacuous lyrics, the really annoying piano or the equally as grating synths or maybe the over used breakbeat. I can't be certain but I do know that it has been played quite a few times over the years, although I am loathed to admit it,  probably a lot more than some of the Cowboy or Guerilla records from the time that I own. Strange really. And since deciding last week to feature it here today, I have listened to it four or five times, yes it is dated but it is far from unpleasant listening.

Have a good weekend people. Since the football season has now finished, L has bought paint and I fear that I cannot put off any longer the decorating of the living room.

Ultacynic - Nothing Is Forever


The Swede said...

After I'd finished sniggering at seeing The Hit Man and Her referenced on ATKT, I listened to the tune. Darned catchy it is too.

Swiss Adam said...

I can get down to this. Pete Waterman... he ain't all bad,

Charity Chic said...

I worked in a hospital which had an e-coli outbreak.The male and female managers in charge of monitoring this were nicknamed The Shitman and Her