Wednesday 6 May 2015

Oh Dear, Here's Another One

I Am The Mob was the first single from Catatonia's second and breakthrough album International Velvet. The single entered the top 40 in the UK, only just,  in October 1997, the follow up Mulder and Scully would see the band breakthrough big time, giving them their highest placing hitting number three the following year. I just love Cerys' vocals on I Am The Mob,  just the right side of manic and with some very funny lyrics to boot. It is one of those records that have to be played very loud,  which has been fired onto the turntable late at night after much drink has been consumed on more than a few occasions.

Catatonia - I Am The Mob


george said...

............some people might say you're obsessed with female-fronted bands, Drew

drew said...

I think they may George

Scott said...

Always loved the lines, "I try my level best, my best to please
But I'm gonna put a bullet between your knees".