Monday 11 May 2015

My Northern Soul Top 50. 40 - 36

Here we go with the next five in the run down and oh dear looking at the fifteen tracks so far it appears that I also favour female vocalists when it comes to my rare soul as well. You will just need to wait and see if it evens itself out in the end.

40. Linda Jones and The Whatnauts - I'm So Glad I found You

This is not your typical northern sounding tune, released in 1972 on Stang records and another of the tunes played at the Mecca which illustrated the difference in styles of there and the Casino. The bit where Jones' vocal starts always sends shivers up my spine.

39. Darrell Banks - Open The Door To My Heart

Another of those songs that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling from the opening stabs of brass to that sweet soulful pleading vocal there is nothing to dislike about this record. This was one of the few northern plays that was actually a hit prior to it being played on the scene,  charting in the States in 1966. Banks tragically was shot and killed in 1970 by a policeman in Detroit.

38. Betty Lloyd - I'm Catching On

I first heard this song on "The Stafford Story" Goldmine compilation from 2000. This cd brought together tunes that broke at the Top Of The World club in Stafford in the 1980s. I don't know much about this record other than it was released on the Detroit label BSC.

37. The Steinways - My Heart's Not In It Anymore

My Heart's Not In It Anymore just edges the other side You've Been Leading Me On. I love how you can have such an upbeat song about breaking up. The lead vocal is provided by Yvonne Gearing who went on to front the Glories who have become one of my favourite Girl Groups over the past 18 months or so but who strangely do not appear in this run down.

36. Charlie & Inez Foxx - No Stranger To Love

No Stranger To Love by the brother and sister duo from Greensboro' North Carolina was also a hit in 1966 in the U.S. They are probably best known for Mockinbird from 1963 but it is No Stranger that is the one for me. There is something about Ms Foxx's vocal on this track.


Anonymous said...

The opening bars of Open The Door To Your Heart brings back a proustian rush of 2 stoke, soapy lager & chip cobs every single time. The Mob's version....damaged nasal passages and knackered ankles.


Anonymous said...

this is an excellent series i am thoroughly enjoying the 15 tracks you have so far posted and like i said the first week if the quality of the bottom end of the 50 is this good ....many thanks David.

Unknown said...

Dear Drew

I love your site Sir. Not just the fantastic music but also your political views – all of which I find insightful. I love your Northern Soul Top 50 and all your really cool dance tracks. I love reading people's Northern Top tunes. They are SO individual and a great way to find great songs that were sadly lost in the flood or you missed. Thank you. It is greatly appreciated. From Johnnie K a soul fan in Auckland 12 May 2015

drew said...

thanks guys glad you are enjoying the series. It's the comments and realising that some people are liking the tracks that makes it worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

--- "It's the comments and realising that some people are liking the tracks that makes it worthwhile." ---

Well put, Drew!

The quality of the Darrell Banks' track goes without saying. Thanks for introducing me to The Steinways. I'm especially enjoying that one.

I also have a penchant for studying other people's lists, so I look forward to seeing more of your faves every Monday, so many of which I've never heard before.

Scott said...

What a great series Drew. I thought I knew a bit about Northern Soul but this series has been an education for me. That Stienways song today is immense. Can't wait to see what the Top 5 are...