Sunday 24 May 2015

Mellow Sunday

I think my love of the last Slowclub album has been made apparent on these pages and elsewhere  over the past wee while. When I heard that they were releasing an album of cover versions for Record Shop Day, well I nearly decided to get out my bed at 04:30 drive into the town and join the queue outside of monorail, nearly but not quite.  As this was a limited release of just 400 I held out very little hope of being able to bag a copy after all the mania had abated. This was further reinforced checking ebay after the event where copies of I Swam Out To Greet You were listed for north of 50 quid! However the Saturday after the event I found a listing by Record Collector, an independent record shop in Sheffield offering the vinyl for face value plus postage which would have been plain silly not to grab.

There are covers of artists from such as the Eagles through to Future Islands and the album is a worthy addition to any collection but there is a really rank rotten version of The Killing Moon which is best avoided. I particularly love this version of a track from Jamie T's latest album Carry On The Grudge.

SlowClub - The Prophet

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Echorich said...

Quite like the version of Seasons. Shows the real depth of that song.