Thursday 29 December 2016

Comfort Food For The Soul

The whole of the household has succumbed to the dreaded lurgy that is doing the rounds up here at the moment. I feel as if I have had a thoroughly good kicking and am feeling sorry for myself. At times like this you need something comforting and there isn't much more comforting than the dulcet tones of Dot Allison on one of my all time top 21 tracks.

This song immediately transports me back to the freezing hovel I shared with two others on Woodlands Road in Glasgow back in 1991. I used to come in at night put on an extra couple of layers,  retire to my bed and listen to this record over and over again, every now and again for a break changing it for Come Alive by the Orchestra JB. It got to the stage that in order to cut down on the getting in and out of bed I made up a c-90 one side filled with each. Fallen is the only record that I can think of that Andrew Weatherall's remix doesn't better the original.

It's strange the things you remember. This was the record I played just before finding out that Freddie Mercury died, after this had finished I turned on Radio 4 to get the news to learn of the singer's death and the first thing that came into my mind was that the radio would be full of Queen songs for the foreseeable future and most likely the Christmas number 1.

Dove - Fallen (Darkest Hour)


Charity Chic said...

Ah the traditional Christmas lurgy
Hope you all recover soon

Swiss Adam said...


Hope you're all feeling better soon.