Thursday 22 December 2016

Cause Santa Claus Is On His Sleigh

One of the better attempts at a Christmas song of recent years.

The Wedding Present - Holly Jolly Hollywood


The Swede said...


Brian said...

That Gedge is something else. I didn't know this song before today and was looking to see where it came from. Found How The West Was Won, and this is what he said about the four disc EPs:

"In the old days... a band like The Wedding Present would've taken three or four singles off an album and released them around the LP. These days we can't do that because the shops won't stock them, so we came up with the idea to release the EPs that would've accompanied EL REY... all at the same time! These are those 'singles that never were'!"

Gotta love the guy.

drew said...

He's the man isn't he Brian, At the recent gig in Edinburgh after the show I got him to sign another t-shirt for Leo (three and counting!) and also mentioned that if he picks one central Scotland gig per tour it should be Glasgow and not Edinburgh. I'm not saying he listened to me but next year's 30th Anniversary tour of George Best will be in Glasgow on the 26th May.