Tuesday 31 May 2011

John Martyn

I'm in a bit of quandry at the moment.

Last week saw the release of an album of material by the late John Martyn, Heaven and Earth. It is said to consist of tracks that John was working on at the time of his death. I'm not a big fan of posthumous releases as I find them for the most part patchy and usually lacking in substance and I fear that this would be true of this release.

I have read the reviews and for the most part they are very positive but I kind of feel that this is usually the case with the material released after the death of someone as over looked by music journalists and indusrty insiders as JM was, call me cynical but that's the way I see it.

I think that I prefer to remember Martyn for the fine body of work that he left behind such as the the track posted and even the album with Eric Clapton and Phil Collins that I used to avoid like the plague is not too bad as I was pleasantly surprised to find when I played it for the first time in years the other week

I'm off over the water to Belfast on the stupid o'clock flight for a couple of days so nothing here until Thursday.

John Martyn - Ways To Cry 


Tricia said...

I could never really figure out John Martyn. Do I like his stuff or not? Still not sure, but this is one of the best songs of his that I have heard.

Anonymous said...

Drew - I understand you're misgivings but if I were in your shoes I know I'd bow to the inevitable and just buy it. Curiosity will win out!


Dubrobots said...

I've heard a couple of tracks, and they sounded pretty good. Know what you mean though, I haven't rushed out and bought it yet...

drew said...

Tricia - it is lovely isn't it.

G & Dubroots - I will probably succumb at some point