Tuesday 24 May 2011

All The Best, Bob

As you will be aware Bob Dylan is seventy today.

I started listening to Dylan in my early teens as a mate of mines father was slightly obsessed with him. I loved a lot of what I heard but some things, like the born again Christian albums Saved and Slow Train Coming just did nothing for me.

I remember staying up to listen to him on Live Aid and being bitterly disappointed as he was pish, nearly as bad as the previous year when Ben told me that he had been absolutely woeful at St James' Park, Newcastle. So I never really had any desire to see him live. I will stick to my albums.

Here is my favourite ever Dylan song from the acclaimed 1975 album, Blood On The Tracks. Simple Twist Of Fate, for me is one of the most beautiful songs of love and longing that I have ever heard and I never get sick of listening to it. I know that Dylan will always be seen as the archetypal protest singer and produced arguably the greatest songs in that field during the 60s but for me it's always this track that I think of when anybody mentions Dylan.

Happy Birthday bob.

Bob Dylan - Simple Twist Of Fate


davyh said...

Re-reading my post about him I see I've listed a load of Dylan albums, which gives a misleading impression of how I listen to his stuff; it's always about individual songs.
Even some of his 'worst' LPs contain absolute crackers; even some of his 'best' absolute stinkers; and some of his very best songs were never given an official release at all. It's often maddening, always fun - he's a gift to the enthusiastic compilation taper/playlist assembler.

chocolategirl64 said...

I've never got Dylan: can't seem to get past the voice:
strange as I can with Leonard Cohen and Neil Young: {and I have been known to tolerate Paul Weller}

drew said...

I think that you are right in your approach Davy but I still fail to find a redeeming tune on Saved. I just love Budokan, I think that was the first of Ben's father's albums I really listened to.

Good to have you back Choco. I will not try to convince you that you are missing out, as I know loads of people who seem to function pretty well without listening to Dylan.

davyh said...

On 'Saved' - I like 'Covenant Woman'.

swiss adam said...

Tangled Up In Blue is the one that always affects and amazes me.