Tuesday 17 May 2011

Lying Awake

Sticking with the British Girl Groups for the moment and here is my favourite of the lot.

Lying Awake was originally recorded in the US by Bernice Swanson. In this version Mark Wirtz of "Grocer Jack" fame enlists the help of Dany Chandelle, The Ladybirds and most probably the kitchen sink, to produce a track every bit as bombastic and dramatic as anything produced by either Shadow Morton or Phil Spector, an absolutely amazing track.

The track can be found along with another 21 tracks recorded during the 60s on the third instalment of the excellent Dream Babes series, this one entitled Backcomb 'n' Beat.

Dany Chandelle and The Ladybirds - Lying Awake

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planet mondo said...

The version of I Can Hear Music on Vol 4 is a gem. And if you haven't got it grab 6, just stunning from start to finish