Sunday 15 May 2011

Haunted Dancehall

We haven't had anything from Lord Sabre here for quite some time.

In 1995 the Sabres of Paradise released a series of records, one on 12", one 10" and a single sided 7" single where various luminaries of the dance world such as the Chemical Brothers and LFO remixed tracks from the previous year's excellent Haunted Dancehall long player, with varying degrees of success.

The final release in the series was the single sided 7" where In The Nursery don't remix the final  track from the album but actually perform it as a beautiful but also slightly unsettling piece of modern classical music.

Not the sort of thing that you would want to listen to on a Sunday if you were comimg down from a particularly hedonistic weekend. Not something that troubles me much these days or I suspect many of the people who visit here apart from maybe Mondo of course, as those kinds of weekends are sadly distant memories!

Right I'm off to do the weekly shop. Life on the edge.

Sabres of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall (As Performed By In The Nursery)


Anonymous said...

Love this track.

swiss adam said...

Mmm very nice.