Monday 2 May 2011

The Sun Is Still Shining

Well, that was quite an eventful bank holiday weekend and on a personal level quite illuminating.

Still the sun is still shining and I think some first class reggae from Lee Perry's Black Ark is the order of the day. Released in 1977 this was the first Perry production released on Island's Black Swan label and is quite, quite beautiful.

George Faith - To Be A Lover (Have Some Mercy)


davyh said...

Just the job, ta.

'On a personal level quite illuminating'. What have you discovered?

Simon said...

The long version too, Drew you're spoiling us. I love this version of the song, I think it's miles ahead of the original, which I think is a wonderful track, so it tells you how much I love this. Gorgeous vocal, so slinky, it has that same laying back on the groove quality that Al Green was doing so well at the time.

Swiss Adam said...

Very nice Drew.
And, like Davy I'm wondering what did you discover?

Anonymous said...

Aye, what's the scoop? Get it on twitter.

Anonymous said...

No chance. Super-injunction innit

drew said...

It's nothing of earth shattering importance, I would blog about it but it really is irrelevant.