Tuesday 10 May 2011

A Giant Step Each Day

I had written this whole spiel about how Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space is almost spiritual and all about the melancholy of the lyrics in tracks like Broken Heart and the lush orchestration etc, etc but when I read it back it was the biggest load of pretentious bollocks I'd ever written and that's saying something.

So instead, here is the first track from the best album of 1997 and surely a contender for the best album of the 90s.

S-----------d - LAGWAFIS


adam said...

If it was me I definitely would have gone with the pretentious bollocks. You just have to hit 'post' before you can talk yourself out of it. Everyone here will love you for it, or at least forgive you for it.

sp73 said...

we want pretension..

George said...

I bought this at the time, and always thought it quite tedious, but I'll give another go.
And Bert Weddon is 91 today.