Wednesday 11 May 2011

Nothing To Do On Friday Night?

Remember Johnny Reb?

I featured them a few months ago and posted the excellent track Nine On The Line. Well they are playing Nice And Sleazy in the town on Friday night with a couple of other bands. If you've got nothing else on the evening of the 13th  and are in the Glasgow area you could do worse than head to Sauchiehall street and see 3 bands for the princely sum of 2 quid.

If you go here you can download for free, the stuff they recorded with Boz Boorer in Portugal

Doors open at 8pm, see you there.

Johnny Reb - Emile (part 1)

Philip, from the band sent me a jpg of the poster to go with this posting but Blogger doesn't seem to like it which is a pity 'cause I like it, so here's one you can download for yourself.


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