Friday 13 May 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

Although all of the decent weather has deserted us up here and left us with the wind and rain, I am trying to keep up the sunny demeanour and remain positive which is quite difficult at the moment what with all the speculation of the dreaded word that starts with Re and ends in dundancy coming out of every second persons mouth. It seems to be a foregone conclusion just to what extent. Any way by this time two weeks hence we will know our fate.

But until then, let's dance and be merry.

Please Romy, Jamie et al give this a full release on vinyl and make my summer. I am getting really hacked off with ridiculously small pressings of essential bits of vinyl.

Have a good weekend people.

The xx - Shelter (John Talbot Feel It Too mix)


davyh said...

All this Blogger #fail business has got me all out of synch. It's sunny here mind. Slainte Drewster.

drew said...

I know what you mean Davy. It really threw me as well.

Right, I'm off to see Johnny Reb, no gin tonight.

Have a good weekend Mr H.

Anonymous said...

Drew - just come out of our current redundo round (next one scheduled for 18 months time). Good luck. Nasty business.