Friday 21 February 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I was going to post something by Andrew Weatherall but jus couldn't pick one too many tunes going round my head so I thought I would go back to what I intended to post today . Last week Richie of gave me a sneak preview of one of his latest collaborations with Fear-E which reminded me of a some excellent eps that came out on Glasgow label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams you can check out the Bandcamp page here . Today's track comes from DABJ Allstars Vol 2. It's a sparse tech house track with a wicked bass line and a vocal that gets right inside your skull. I'm not going to make it available for download, if you like you can buy all 4 excellent tracks for about the price of 3/4 of a pint in a reasonable boozer or if your in the toon, the price of a half pint. You know it makes sense.

Football is a funny old game, one minute your wondering if you are ever going to see another goal at home and then you get a strange one before you have time to get comfy in your seat, not only that but it's Andy Fucking Ryan that scores it. Last week's performance against Clyde was a joy to watch, the two-nil scoreline didn't reflect the chances that Airdrie missed it could easily have been four or five but we'll take two goals and a clean sheet. Tomorrow is the first of two away games, Peterhead and then Montrose which gives me some time to get stuck into trying to get the dining/music room completed. Now that wee chuckie has broke his duck lets hope he can add to his tally and put us back in contention for winning the league outright but being in the most favourable position for the the play-off.

Have a good weekend people.

Fear-E - Candi's Quadra

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Swiss Adam said...

That goal is something else.