Wednesday 18 September 2019

Five Years Ago Today

Things could have been so, so different but the majority voted no. Buying the arguments that we were too wee, too poor to go it alone, That the best way to stay inside the EU was to remain within the UK where we were a valued equal partner in the relationship.

How's that working out for you now?

Last week the # FuckoffScotland was trending due to the mendacity  audacity of the three highest judges in Scotland daring to suggest that the clown in No.10 Downing Street had been less than truthful to the monarch. All the tropes of "subsidy junkies", "scummy wee country full of drunks and junkies" "shite football team" etc were rolled out. Okay I'll give you the third one, that has been a given long before the resurgence of the SNP.

I do think that we made a mistake. As you can see from Johnson's recent European jaunt, the smallest countries in the EU are allowed a voice whereas within our own "Union" we are allowed to be a part of it but don't dare step out of line.


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drew said...

You are right of course, but I was trying to reflect how it was viewed south of the border.

Swiss Adam said...

Boris is a prick, a monumental prick of the highest order. Every day he shows this of himself to the world a little more.