Monday 16 July 2012

You and Me

Today's piece of soul is a single that I took a chance on. I came across You and Me in the racks and liked the look of the label so decided to just go for it. I had never heard of Penny and the Quarters before.

Apparently I was not alone, as when I got home and after playing the single three times on the bounce, it's that good, I decided to have a look on the net and see what I could find out about the record, virtually nothing.

What I did discover was that the track was found in a box of tapes at an estate sale in Columbus, Ohio in amongst a load of demos and rehersals. The track is most likely only a rehersal but the Numero Group decided to release it on a limited 7" single. It was also used in a film called Blue Valentine, ?, me neither.

Honestly, if this does not brighten up your Monday morning, then there is no hope for you.

Penny & The Quarters - You And Me


Someone Said said...

A lost Cap-Soul classic. It took a long time to track down the singer, she was finally located in Virginia I think.

drew said...

It is wondful. Thanks for the info Someone Said.