Monday 23 July 2012

Come And Get It

Not sure what the purists will think about this but personally I love it.

I first heard Come And Get It when ANCB dropped it during his set at the second Blog Rocking Beats. I immediately saught it out, unfortunately it was only available on a promo cd single or the album. I hadn't heard enough to take a punt on the album so I bought the cd promo.

A few weeks ago while checking the northern 7" singles on Ebay I came across a copy of the single and promptly hit the buy now button. Since then I have seen a few copies of the single crop up on the auction site all for a few quid less then I paid but I'm not complaining as I think that it was worth every penny.

Have checked out a few Youtube clips and think that the album may well be worth investing in.

Eli 'Paperboy' Reed - (If You Want The Love Of A Man) Come And Get It

And here is a clip from Live At Daryl's House that I can't believe I'm posting, as when a mate told me that he watched this I gave him pelters, maybe I have been missing out.


Mondo said...

He also does a storming version of Ace of Spades

Swiss Adam said...

I could never decide if I liked that version of Ace of Spades or not