Tuesday 10 July 2012

We're not terrific but we're competent

I don't listen to Belle and Sebastian all that often., This is due to the fact that when I do play them, it is exclusively and I end up sickening myself off of them for a good wee while.

I do believe that the 3 eps and the single that followed them are some of the best "indie" tracks ever. The music on these releases differs so much, you have the pop brilliance of Lazy Line Painter Jane, the wistfully beautiful Century of Fakers and then there's Dog On Wheels which sounds like something Arthur Lee and Love should have recorded. All showing that the band were a bit special but unfortunately for me they have never been as consistently brilliant since. There have been outstanding moments such as Legal Man and Funny Little Frog but the albums don't really grab me and suck me in the same way these early releases do.

This Is Just A Modern Rock Song from the opening strumming had me hooked the first time I heard it. There is something about the song, it seems so desolate and sad but there is something really hopeful and uplifting about the way the track builds and builds but never really reaches a crescendo and how could you not love that trumpet. And before you know it seven minutes has passed and you play it again as you can't believe that it has gone on that long.

It also contains one of my favourite couplets ever We're four boys in corduroys, we're not terrific but we're competent.

Belle and Sebastian - This Is Just A Modern Rock Song


Swiss Adam said...

My favourite B&S song, beautiful.

davyh said...

I'm sorry but the faintest whiff of a mention of them always makes me think of this