Sunday 22 July 2012

Kicking The Arse Out Of It

So Lynn rocks in about quarter to one this morning with seven equally inebriated women in tow, just as I have gone to bed after having had a pleasant evening playing tunes with just the right amount of Havana Club on board and intending to drift off while watching Grosse Pointe Blank.

My presence was demanded to play "us some of the old tunes". I grudgingly got out of bed, got dressed and went down the stairs. It was not a pretty sight that greeted me. It was apparent that a good time had been had by all and it was blatantly obvious that this would have been an appropriate point for them all to retire for the evening and I told them so to be met with a volley of abuse and a couple of " just get a drink, play some music and shut up".

I lasted about an hour but when one of the rockets seriously suggested playing Screamadelica in it's entirety I decided it was time to call it a night. So as the diehards continued in their quest to see who would have the least braincells today. I made my excuses, told them that they could play any cds they wished but leave the Technics and the vinyl well alone and climbed the stairs and went to bed.

L is really kicking the arse out of this no kids in the house situation.

Here is  Joe and the Mescaleros version of one of the tracks I missed from the film last night and I hope the hangovers are suitably large this afternoon.

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Rudie Can't Fail


flycasual said...

Great track, great story. Fantastic to know you're wanted to DJ, even in the wee small hours.

Swiss Adam said...

Made for a good read that Drew. Being dragged out of bed to dj for a gaggle of drunk women is a new one to me.

davyh said...

Outrageous in the extreme.

Dirk said...

As I can tell from my former DJ-ing experiences: it is no fun to DJ for a bunch of drunk women, never. You simply cannot meet the bizarre tastes they develop when the drinking proceeds, regardless how huge your record collection might possibly be, also regardless how much you might be able to demean yourself in your own standards musicwise.

Furthermore, in the same situation, my wife would have told me to fuck off to bed again anyway.