Sunday 1 July 2012

The Cure, Balearic?

I was never the biggest fan of The Cure. I don't own any albums but have bought a fair few singles in my time, the first of which was The Love Cats. My favourite is probably Pictures of You.

A few weeks ago I bought a four track 12" called The Balearic Sound Of The Cure, primarily for the original 12 inch version Close To Me  but all four tracks are brilliant and I suppose sound Balearic whatever that may mean. The real gem is the dub mix of Pictures Of You

The Cure - Pictures Of You

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Anonymous said...

Like you I was bemused by their association with all things Balearic. Never much of a fan mind. It was the hair that put me off. I could never get out of my mind those C.18 cartoons of ladies wigs with infestations.