Saturday 14 July 2012

C'mon Everybody

I received an email last week informing me that the new Raveonettes album had been completed and would be released shortly, news that if the truth be told I greeted with less than fervoured excitement as the last lp had been a bit of a disappointment. Following the link to the first track from said album, She Owns The Streets I found a perfectly acceptable but rather forgettable song. So my expectations for the new album aren't very high. I will buy it as I have every other release by the band except the Evil LA Girls cd which was free to the first 666 people who emailed, I was a bit slow of the mark with that one.

What has got me excited is the prospect of seeing them live again as a European tour is in the offing and they will be at Oran Mor in Glasgow on the 30th November, ya beauty!

It is not the duo's stage presence that I'm looking forward to seeing live again as to be honest they have as much presence as an empty white room but, as I've said before the sound that they produce live is so much better than anything suggested by any of the music they have recorded. And I can but hope that they will have a new range of mugs on the merchandise stand.

Here's a cover of an Eddie Cochran song which came out as a promo cd back in 2003.

The Raveonettes - C'mon Everybody

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