Wednesday 4 July 2012

What's Happening

Not got a lot to say, as it is 20:39 last Thursday and I've still got loads to do before leaving tomorrow and haven't really got time to work on these posts as you can probably tell.

Here is quite an apt song for how I feel at the moment and the second best single ever released on Creation.

The Jasmine Minks - What's Happening


davyh said...

I'm not sure I really approve of this JC-style Set The Controls To Auto Whilst En Vacances thing, though of course I wish you well. Weather forecast looked better this avvy, hope you got some sun.

drew said...

Got two hours on the beach at Sandymouth Bay before it rained again. Lovely beach.

I only did three posts usually do a whole week. you never complained before ergo you weren' t reading. I am shocked Mr H, truly shocked!

davyh said...

Always reading Drewster, always reading.

Sun & storms forecast for tomorrow, highs of 19c in the Bude area.

Dirk said...

... which makes me wonder what the BEST single (ever released on Creation) might possibly be in your humble opinion?!

And speaking of JC: where the hell is he again?!

Anonymous said...

jc working on summat non-blog related, he said