Thursday 19 July 2012


I was never really that into Goldfapp. I do however think that this is a beautiful song.

Taken from the Seventh Tree album, A&E was released as a rather lovely 7" picture disc in 2008.

Goldfrapp - A&E


adam said...

She was the singer in a band I was in before I was in the band. Not the biggest claim to fame in the world but they all count.

Simon said...

I love goldfrapp. the Black Cherry album is probably my number one album of the last decade. Certainly it has the most associations for me. It was the soundtrack to the first 6 months of knowing my wife. That album played a huge part in building our foundations. They'll never do wrong for me now.

davyh said...

Am a massive fan also. Sublime things on all the albums but 'Felt Mountain' and 'Seventh Tree' are my faves.

'Tweets direct from Alison' and no PR BS @goldfrapp