Thursday 3 November 2011

Sinead O'Connor

I've always had loads of admiration for Sinead O'Connor. I love the way she says exactly what she thinks and does not worry about the consequences. I also loved how she sort of pitched herself against the music industry and did things on her own terms.

Although neither of the above factors would have meant a lot if she didn't have the talent to back up these actions and by god does she have talent and a voice that could melt the heart of the most cynical of cynics. If anybody can make a Lloyd Webber/Rice song sound essential really does have something special.

This is the song I was going to post on Sunday but got waylaid due to events.

Sinead O'Connor - Thank You For Hearing Me


Mondo said...

Have you checked her duet with The Wolfmen mixed by Courtney Taylor-Taylor? Grab here

A peach and a treat.

davyh said...

The woman's a flake. I like about three things she's done. The obvious ones.

drew said...

Mond - I like that

She's no the full shilling, granted Davy but she can sing.

davyh said...

Aye bet so cood me Aunt Agnes and yerd no went tae meet her in a daaark alleeey

Swiss Adam said...

I like her even though she's a bit mad.