Wednesday 23 November 2011

My Sugar Baby

Right, let's get back on track after yesterday's little excursion into the universe of Dr Alex P and back to the soul and a track that I can't believe that I haven't posted before as it is one of my all time favourite northern tracks, guaranteed to get shoes a shuffling and hips a moving.

If you find My Sugar Baby rather similar to the all time number one northern and most expensive single ever, Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), it may not surprise you that it was written and produced by the Legend that is Frank Wilson. There is a version recorded by Wilson himself, available on A Cellarful of Motown, however I prefer the version posted here by Connie Clark and released on the Joker Records label.

Connie went on to record for Motown under her real name Chris Clark and did a version of Do I Love which is also rather fine. She was one of the few white female vocalists signed to the Motown label and started off recording for the subsidiary label VIP for which she released three singles before recording for Motown proper where she recorded a single From Head To Toe and two albums which are good but none of which hit the peaks of My Sugar Baby or Do I Love You. Once her recording career finished Clark stayed with Motown and worked in a managerial capacity for the label.

The above is all bollocks, I was totally misinformed, Chris Clark and Connie Clark are two complete different individuals.

Connie Clark - My Sugar Baby


George said...

Not relevant to the post, but any reviews of the Butcher Boy gig? If so where? Thanks

davyh said...

In JC's heed, on hols, somewhere expensive.


FANTASTIC TRACK! Drew, you're on a Northern Soul roll, and I'm loving it.