Monday 14 November 2011

Lazy Week pt 1

Right, I have a really shit week ahead.

End of year review today and three days in the smoke to look forward to. So I have decided to do a week of original songs that were either covered by the Cramps or The Fall, two of the most plagiaristic bands in my collection, indeed a couple of this weeks track will have been covered by both. Both bands however put their own inimitable slant on anything they cover.

First up we have Strychnine by the Sonics and released on their 1965 album Here Are The Sonics, the track was also included on the seminal Nuggets compilation of 60s US Garage bands.

This was also the last track that waste of space and fuck-wit Smith sung from the stage the other Thursday in Edinburgh. The Fall's version can be found on The Complete Peel Sessions and various live things. The Cramps version appears on Songs The Lord Taught Us.

The Sonics - Strychnine


dickvandyke said...

Have a pain free week old lad.
With send Sturdy Girl along midweek to walk on you.

And leave that mini bar alone.

Soon be Friday!

George said...

Have you read the lukewarm reveiw of the new Fall album in last week's Guardian? And, did you go see them last Thursday? Your posting suggests you did, and were not terribly enamoured. (I too have a yearly review looming, so comiserations)

George said...

And have just read your review of the gig from a couple of weeks ago. And I'd agree, and also add that you shouldn't bother seeing them liove again. At probably £20 it's just not worth it. Haven't herd the new album yet, but will buy it nonetheless.

drew said...

George - the new album is a grower but at 18 quid for the vinyl a little steep.

DVD - thanks. The only thin I do with the mini bar is put my Irn Bru in it.