Friday 4 November 2011

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

In anticipation of D's week of Techno Classics over at Acid Ted I decided that we would have some serious heavy duty dance shenanigans this Friday.

Who better then the Baron of Techno, Dave Clarke. Here is Robert Hood's mix of Clarke's seminal Red 2 release Wisdom To The Wise. So you really are getting two legends of techno for the price of one.

Oh, and SA, get your head out of the bass bin it's not good for you.

Have a good weekend people.

Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise (Robert Hood remix)

Well,  that was what you were supposed to be getting, however I  am having technical difficulties with the ripping of vinyl for some reason today, so  instead .  . .

Dave Clarke - Red 1


davyh said...

Slainte Drewster. I imagine a few drinkies may be welcome after the shenanigans of last night...

Swiss Adam said...

Bang bang bang bang. What's not good for you? Eh? Speak up? Can't hear you?

davyh said...

Does being the Baron of techno come with any legislative rights?

drew said...

you are allowed to smoke big cigars that make you look like a twat