Tuesday 22 November 2011


On the long journey up the road on Friday while making the resolution of never drinking with Davy H on a school night ever again, I was looking for something mellow to play and decided upon the Orb. Recently whenever I have reached for the Orb it has been Adventures, or Baghdad Batteries. I felt that the former was rather too cliched for this situation and well,  Baghdad Batteries had too many beats for my head to contend with at that time.

I decided to opt for U.F.Orb which I realised I hadn't played for a long time, if you discount the full version of The Blue Room or the Mad Professor's mix of Towers Of Dub,  both of which get dusted down every month or so. I started to ponder why this was as I immersed myself in the soundscape that is O.O.B.E.and in no time at all I began to feel human again, the combination of the sounds of Dr Alex and Thrash and the second gin and tonic doing the trick nicely. By the time Majestic began to pound through my headphones I had resolved to play this criminally overlooked album much more often.

I remember seeing "The Orb is not just for Christmas" written somewhere, never a truer statement.

The Orb - Majestic

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