Monday 7 November 2011

Science of Silence

Do you think that the similarity to Neil Diamond is intentional?

I really like this song even although the lyrics are pretty crap. Does that mean that I am secretly a fan of Song Sung Blue?  Certainly not.

Richard Ashcroft - Science of Silence.

I'm off to see The Airborne Toxic Event tonight, yippee, @ the Arches, yuck!


Gordon said...

Did you enjoy Airborne Toxic? first time I have seen them, thought they were very good, not so sure about the sound (despite the very professional sound checker). Did you see the support band?

drew said...

Hi Gordon, I didn't actually enjoy it that much, the sound was terrible from where I was standing. the Arches acoustics are not great for live music better suited to banging techno.

I thought that ATE gave quite a lacklustre performance and no Missy as an encore which was really disappointing. It was probably just the mood I was in more than anything else.

Glad you enjoyed it, they are a very good band.

The support band were a bit Joshua Tree U2 for my liking but everybody else I was with liked them

Simon said...

Neil Diamond is much better than Richard Ashcroft. Fact.