Thursday 1 February 2018

Not To Be Confused With

The Shacks are a duo from NYC who I stumbled across a wee while ago. On Follow Me, the singer sounds like a Brooklyn version of Tracyanne Campbell. Echoes of late 60s grooviness and shades of summer. A little early perhaps but we could do with a little sunshine right now. It is availible as a dinked 45, the best kind. But don't be rash like me if in the UK and buy directly from Big Crown as it will cost you half the price from Juno Records.


JTFL said...

Drew, they do a lovely version of an officially unreleased Kinks' song, 'Strange Effect'. Have you heard it? It's really worth a listen. I note for your readers over there that the Shacks are just starting a uK tour.

drew said...

I will seek it out Johnny. Their first ep is on my list for when I have a bit of cash.

The Swede said...

This is tremendous. Very anxious to hear their take on 'This Strange Effect' - such a wonderful song.