Wednesday 28 November 2012

These Blues

While you are reading this I will be in my favourite place in the world, Luton  on the second day of a two day meeting. I just love these meetings and the agenda is packed full of fun things like Reflecting On The Year That Was and Looking Ahead. I am particularly looking forward to the session on Insights into my personality where some over-paid consultant will tell me that I am a miserable misanthrope who's ideal role would be the dictator of a small country, all on the basis of fifty odd questions that I answered ages ago. Apparently my conscious wheel position is Reforming Director (Classic).

No?  Me neither.

Here is the original version of These Blues from Spacemen 3 which turned up on the DJ Tones 12" single which was released on lovely clear vinyl in 2008.

Spacemen 3 - These Blues


Swiss Adam said...

But have you done an online 360 where members of your team rate you and then repeat the exercise months later to see what changes in your behaviours have taken place?

dickvandyke said...

The 'Conscious Wheel' needs oiling.

I had you down as a 'Lion'. Stubborn impatient decisive tough and domineering. When other folk can't keep up, you rightly view them as incompetent oafs, rip their fuckwit legs off and sit dozing under a tree with a drink listening to an eclectic blend of songs.

Invoice en route. Just pop the £250in the post to 'Dickie's Psychological Profiles'.

Walter said...

I think it's the same in every country. Managers who have no notion from the practise do enjoy themselves in endless phrases. At least there is nothing to decide, because everything was still decided by their bosses.

At my meetings I try to sit there smiling and thinking about something else.

George said...

after reading this blog for many many manmy many months I thought you WERE a miserable misanthrope etc....

Swiss Adam said...

Home now though. Luton couldnt tempt you for another night?