Monday 12 November 2012

Surely A Contender For Best Record Title Ever?

Not only does this song by Ted Taylor have a great title it is also a rather good piece of Southern Soul. Released on Ronn records, a label that I have been actively seeking out singles on since I purchased  The Northern Soul Of Jewel-Paula-Ronn a year or so back which can be purchased here.

The label is one of three which was run out of Shreveport, Louisiana by Stan Lewis a man who owned retail stores and decided to diversify into releasing some brilliant soul music, as you naturally would do. Buy the cd and read the full story, it's worth a read.

Ted Taylor started singing in the group the Cadets in the 1950s. He left the group and embarked on a solo career in the late 50. During the 60s he recorded for Okeh and Ronn. He died in a car crash in Louisiana in 1987 aged 53.

Ted Taylor - (I'm Just A Crumb) In Your Breadbox Of Love


George said...

Is this the same Ted Taylor who did Friendship Only Goes So Far? (Or was that Sam Baker?)

George said...

but it's not the best song title though. The Louvin Brothers wrote many many fine songs eg The word broadminded is spelt SIN.

Darcy said...

I love Ted Taylor and have picked up lots of his 45s, especially those on Ronn because they tend to be cheap! I have a copy of this one and Houston Town on the B side is great too.

Agree Ronn is a great label - seek out Barbara West - all 4 releases of hers are great (the one that gets the Northern attention and hence the priciest is the weakest in my opinion).

George: indeed it is - according to Soulfulkinda music "Friendship" was unissued on vinyl but was released in the U. K. on a 2001 Westside Cd "Soul Jewels Volume 2 - I Wake Up Crying" WESA 913)

drew said...

Thanks for the tips Darcy. I picked up Only The Lonely Know for a quite reasonable four quid, mint and in original Ronn sleeve the other week.