Monday 5 November 2012

Good Gosh I Lose Control

This was the record that was going to be the cure for Mr H's bad bout of Crossitis and if any symptoms are stubbornly lingering, this should definitely see them banished.

This has been cruelly forgotten about and languishing in the back of my soul box up until about a month ago when I put it on and immediately berated myself for not playing this for so long.

The Sweet Delights were a group comprising of four girls and one guy from Philadelphia who recorded Baby Be Mine in 1968 which was released on the ATCO label and to my knowledge never recorded anything else. But what a legacy, an absolute cracker which at the moment is my favourite piece of soul ever. I know it's not quite that good but I just can't stop playing it.

The Sweet Delights - Baby Be Mine.


George said...

Looking forward to this. Try the new Kent compilation on Ace, 30 years of Kent. Very good. It's got Johnny Maestro on it.

davyh said...

Very good, carry on that man