Wednesday 21 November 2012


I think a little bit of dub techno is the order of the day. Something that will hopefully dissipate the mid week gloom.

I love all nine of the Basic Channel releases but I think that the fifth, Inversion accredited to Cyrus has to be the best. You really need to sit and listen to this through headphones or really loud, you get totally sucked into the track.

Cyrus - Inversion

I'm off to see The Fall at the last chance saloon tonight, well for me anyway. Any of Smith's pish and that is it. There may be a few choice tweets later on. All does not auger well when you get an email informing you that doors will open an hour later than advertised!


Swiss Adam said...

Another last chance saloon?

drew said...

thee last chance, SA.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Might be worth getting there for door opening, JD Twitch is the support DJ.
Nice wee interview with MES in the Herald yesterday on all things Scottish:

Mark E Smith on Glasgow: "I like Glasgow a lot better. Of course I do. Too many English in Edinburgh. It's half the reason I moved out. I've never been ashamed to be English until I lived in Edinburgh."

George said...

Sounds like our place of work - a final final final chance...hope it's not pish