Thursday 22 November 2012

Please Stay

Here is a song that I think is ripe for covering  by somebody who could give it some balls. I'm not sure who it should be that covers it but in my head there is a much better version than any that I have actually heard.

Please Stay was written by Burt Bacharach and was originally recorded by The Drifters and has been covered by the likes of Lulu,  Marc Almond and Dionne Warwick. But is probably best known this side of the Atlantic as a 1966 hit for The Crying Shames, their only hit incidently which features here. But I'm not sure that even that version does this song justice, well not in my head anyway. Peter Kember did a very wishy washy version in 1992 under his Spectrum guise.

Any suggestions as to who you think could give this song a belter of a remake would be welcomed.

The Cryin' Shames - Please Stay


Simon said...

I have this version of it. Apparently Costello did a versh on the Kojak Variety album. Not that keen actually, it sounds like it would benefit from somebody like Chuck Jackson - a bit like his versh of Any Day Now, although that's a better song. I'll stick with the Ivories song Please Stay today. Now that's a cracker

drew said...

I think that it needs a Spector production rather than Joe Meek, Si.

The Ivories is a classic on my wants list but don't have a spare $500.

Even the Soul 7 reproduction is quite rare and will cost twenty quid or more.

davyh said...

The Drifters shurely?

drew said...

It doesn't quite do it either Mr H

davyh said...

Eeh, there's no pleasing some folk.

Btw I've got this lot on a Nuggets LP doing a cover of 'Sugar & Spice' (as made famous in the UK by The Searchers). They are billed as The Cryan Shames.

drew said...

No there certainly is not.

My Fall giging is over Davy, he had his chance and blew it.

Is it a good version, Sugar and Spice was always a bit, well sugary for me.

davyh said...

S'not very different to The Searchers, tbh - and no, it wasnae one of their best.

Shame about MES : (

drew said...

Not quite a crying shame tho'

dickvandyke said...

Bah. MES. He had big ears anyway.

I too like the song, but you're right about this versh, drewster. Bit pishy innit.
Not sure which tree you're barking up re a ballsy cover though? Any of these feasible?
1960 Wanda Jackson, 1964 Roy Orbison, 1967 Small Faces, 1972 Suzi Quatro, 1976 Ramones, 1977 Meatloaf, 1978 ELO, 1980 Pretenders, 1981 Stranglers, 1983 Kirsty MacColl, 1989 Bon Jovi, 1993 Aerosmith, 1995 Steve Earle, 2003 The Hives, 2005 Arctic Monkeys, 2007 Christine Aguleira, 2009 Richard Hawley, 2012 The Fall .. ?

Swiss Adam said...

It has to be Wild Billy Childish.

Anonymous said...

james arthur on x factor LOL

son of the rock

drew i love this song as it is

drew said...

SotR - James who?

DVD - Hawley would be interesting